Knihy pořízené v rámci grantových prostředků

Antony Chomsky and his critics
Armstrong A combinational theory of possibility
Audi The structure of Justification
Badiou Lˈantiphilosophie de Wittgenstein
Badiou Number and Numbers
Baker Persons and Bodies
Baldwin (ed.) Selected writings / G.E. Moore
Barnes Truth, etc.
Beaney The Frege Reader
Benoist Phénoménologie, sémantique, ontologie
Benoist Représentations sans objet aux origines
Bergmann Justification without awareness
Beth Mathematical epistemology and psychology
Blackburn Essays in Quasirealism
Block Imagery
Boghossian Content and Justification
Bonjour In Defense of Pure Reason
Bonjour The structure of empirical knowledge
Brandom Reason in Philosophy: Animating Ideas
Brandom Tales of the mighty dead
Broadie Introduction to Medieval Logic
Burge Foundations of mind
Burgess A Subject with no Object
Byrne The Rational Imagination
Carraud Causa sive ratio
Casey The Fate of Place
Cassam The Possibility of Knowledge
Cavailles Oeuvre completes de philosophie de Cavailles
Cavell Philosophical Passages: Wittgenstein
Chalmers The Conscious Mind
Chene Lifeˈs Form, Late Aristotelian Conception
Chene Spirits and Clocks
Chisholm The Foundation of knowing
Chomsky Cartesian Linguistic
Cohen Set theory and continuum hypothesis
Courtine Inventio analogiae
Crary Reading Cavell
Crary Wittgenstein and the Moral Life
Creath, Friedman The Cambridge Companion to Carnap
Currie Recreative Minds
DeRose Skepticism: A contemporary reader
Doxiadis Logicomix
Dreyfus Heidegger, A Critical Reader
Dutoit Derrida dˈici
Eldelman Wider Than the Sky
Elkins Photography Theory
Elkins Six Stories from the End of Representation
Evans Human Reasoning: The Psychology of Deduction
Farkas Subject´s point of view
Fauconnier The way we think
Fine Semantic Relationism
Finnis Aquinas: Moral, Political, and Legal Theory782
Finnis Natural Law and Natural Rights
Fodor LOT 2
Forman-Barzilai Adam Smith and the Circles of Sympathy
Frankfurt Necessity, volition and love
Franks All or nothing
Frege Begriffsschrift und andere Aufsätze
Frege Kleine Schriften
Fumerton Epistemology
Fumerton Metaepistemology and scepticism
Gabbay The Rise of Modern Logic
Gabbay Logic and the Modalities in the Twentieth Century
Gabbay The Many Valued and Non-Monotonic Turn
Gabbay Greek, Indian and Arabic Logic
Gabbay Logic from Russell to Church
Gabbay Mediaeval and Renaissance Logic
Gaiquinto Visual Thinking in Mathematics
Gendler Conceivability and Possibility
Gibson The Philosophy of W. V. O. Quine
Goldman Epistemology and cognition
Goodman Contending with Stanley Cavell
Gray Ideas of space : Euclidean, non-Euclidean, and relativistic
Grayling An introduction to philosophical logic
Guttenplan Objects of metaphor
Haaparanta Development of Modern Logic
Hacking The Emergence of Probability
Hardin Color for Philosophers
Harris The Work of the Imagination
Harris Identity
Hart The Engines of the Soul
Hausman Logic and philosophy
Hawthorne Metaphysical essays
Heil From an ontological point of view
Hill Sensations
Hinzen An essay on names and truth
Huemer Skepticism and the veil of perception
Hurley A conscise introduction to logic
Husserl Phantasie und Bildbewusstsein
Husserl Phantasie, Bewusstsein, Erinnerung
Israel A Revolution of the Mind
Johnson The Meaning of the Body
Johnson Philosophical Perspectives on Metaphor
Kalderon Fictionalism in Metaphysics
Kant Kritik der praktischen Vernunft
Kemp A Commentary to Kantˈs Critique
Kim Physicalism or something near enough
Kitcher Finding an Ending: Reflections on Wagner
Kitcher Beyond Modularity
Kitcher Living with Darwin
Kitcher Science, Truth and democracy
Klein Greek Mathematical Thought
Kreiser, Gottlob Frege
Kukla Yo! and ˈLo!ˈ: The Pragmatic Topography
Kvasz Patterns of Change
Ladyman Every thing must go
Lamarque Truth, Fiction, and Literature
Langbaum The Mysteries of Identity
Lask Sämtliche Werke 2. Die Logik der Philosophen
Lawrence Mental Logic
Lepore Donald Davidson: Meaning, Truth, Language
Lepore Donald Davidson´s truth-theoretic semantics
Lepore Language turned on itself
Lorenz Logic, Language and Method
Lukasiewicz Über den Satz des Widerspruch bei Aristoteles
Maddy Second Philosophy
Majer David Hilbertˈs Lectures on the Foundation…
Makin Indifference Arguments
Manktelow Reasoning and Thinking
Margalit Meaning and Use
Margolis, Laurence Creations of the Mind
Marion Wittgenstein, Finitism and …
McCulloch The Game of the Name
Meara Pythagoras Revived, Mathematics and Philosophy
Mehlman Revolution and Repetition
Mele Free will and luck
Merricks Objects and Persons
Merricks Truth and ontology
Moran The Routledge Companion to Twentieth-Century Philosophy
Moreland Universals
Mulhall The Conversation of Humanity
Mulhall Stanley Cavell: Philosophyˈs Recounting
Murphy The Big Book of Concepts
Nef Lˈobjet quelconque: Recherches sur lˈontologie de lˈobjet (Problemes et controverses)
Nichols The architecture of imagination
North-Holland British Logic in the Nineteenth Century
Olson The Human Animal
Palle A World without Time
Palmer Fictional Minds
Parsons Nonexistent Objects
Peacocke Being Known
Peacocke Realm of Reason
Peacocke Truly understood
Peirce Naturordnung und Zecihenprozesse
Peirce Semiotische Schriften
Piaget Logic and psychology
Piaget Possibility and Necessity, Vol. 1
Piaget Possibility and Necessity, Vol. 2
Piaget Psychology and Epistemology
Piaget Toward a Logic Meaning
Plantinga Essays in the Metaphysics of modality
Plantinga The Nature of Necessity
Pojman Who Are We?
Potter Reasonˈs Nearest Kin
Potter Set Theory and Its Philosophy
Potter Wittgensteinˈs Notes on Logic
Priest Beyond the limits of thought
Priest Doubt truth to be a liar
Pullman The Atom in the History of Human Thought
Putnam Colapse of the Fact-value Dichotomy
Quine Confession of a Confirmed Extensionalist
Repp Negation in gapping
Reynolds Epistemic Justification
Rips The Psychology of Proof: Deductive Reasoning
Robbiano Becoming Being
Robson Oxford Handbook of the History of mathematics
Rödl Self-consciousness
Rosenberg Accessing Kant: A Relaxed Introduction
Rosenberg Beyond Formalism: Naming and Necessity
Rosenberg Thinking about Knowing
Rosenberg Wilfred Sellars: Fusing the Images
Roth Imaginative Minds: Concepts, Controversies
Rothman Reading Cavellˈs the World Viewed
Russell Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell, Vol 11
Russell Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell, Vol 12
Russell Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell, Vol 14
Russell Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell, Vol 21
Russell Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell, Vol 28
Russell Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell, Vol 29
Russell Bibliography of Bertrand Russell, Vol. 1-3
Russell Collected papers of Bertrand Russell, Vol 10.
Russell Collected papers of Bertrand Russell, Vol 13.
Russell Collected papers of Bertrand Russell, Vol 15.
Russell Collected papers I.
Russell Collected papers III.
Russell Collected papers IV.
Russell Collected papers VI.
Russell Collected papers VII.
Russell Collected papers VIII.
Sallis Force of Imagination
Scaltsas Substance and universals in Aristotle
Sellars In the Space of Reasons
Shepard Mental Images and Their Transformations
Shoemaker Identity, Cause and Mind
Shoemaker Physical realization
Sider Four-Dimensionalism
Sider Riddles of existence
Soames Beyond rigidity
Sorensen Thought Experiments
Sosa Knowledge in Perspective
Spinoza Spinoza Opera. Bd 5
Stalnaker Our knowledge of internal world
Steel Procli in Platonis Parmenidem I
Steel Procli in Platonis Parmenidem II
Stekeler-Weithofer Formen der Anschauung
Stekeler-Weithofer Grundprobleme der Logik : Elemente einer Kritik der formalen Vernunft
Stern-Gillet Aristotleˈs philosophy of friendship
Strawson Consciousness and its place in nature
Strawson Real Materialism
Szabó Semantics versus pragmatics
Tetens Wittgensteins „Tractatus“
Tetens Kants ˈKritik der reinen Vernunftˈ
Thomasson Fiction and Metaphysics
Thomasson Ordinary Objects
Thompson Life and action
Thomson Content and Modality
Tiles Bachelard, Science and Objectivity
Travis Occasion-Sensitivity
Trefil, Wiley Are we unique
Tye The Imagery Debate
Tye Consciousness and Persons
van Inwagen, Zimmerman Metaphysics
Waismann Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle
Walton Mimesis as make-believe
Wanderer Robert Brandom
Warren Epicurus and Democritean Ethics
Watkins Rediscovering Colors
Waxman Kant and the Empiricists
Wegner The illusion of consciousness
Weiss Reading Brandom
White G. E. Moore: A Critical Exposition
Williamson Knowledge and its limits
Wittgenstein The Wittgenstein Reader
Wittgenstein Culture and Value
Wittgenstein Remarks on colours
Zahavi The Phenomenological Mind
Zermelo Collected Works/Gesammelte Werke I.
Zermelo Collected Works/Gesammelte Werke II.

Knihy pořízené z grantu v letech 2003-2007


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G.Cantor: Gesammelte Abhandlungen matematischen und phil. Inhalts
J.Christianidis: Classics in the History of Greek Mathematics
R.Cooke: The History of Mathematics
D. Van Dalen, A. S. Troelstra: Constructivism in Mathematics (2 Volumes)
W. Ewald (ed.): From Kant to Hilbert (2 Volumes)
G. Frege: Collected Papers on Mathematics, Logic and Philosophy
M. Gabbay (ed.): Handbook of Philosophical Logic (Volumes 1-14)
M. Gabbay, J. Woods (eds.): Handbook of History of Logic
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L. Goble (ed.): The Blackwell Guide to Philosophical Logic
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R. Schantz: The Externalist Challenge (Volume 2)
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P.Grice: Aspects of Reason
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